Hands Free Commissions Review

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Welcome to my Hands Free Commissions Review, in this review you will know deeply about Hands Free Commissions before have decision to buy it you also can get very good bonus. If you’re looking for the official Hands Free Commissions site please click the link below:

Hands Free Commissions Official Site

Hands Free Commissions is the first product that deals with two important aspects of affiliate marketing: Quantity and Complete Automation, hence the name Hands Free.


Hands Free Commissions will generates for the users during time, endless indexed content pages with their affiliates link integrated inside.

Yes, think about it as an affiliate for a moment. Everyday, you will receive an email directly into your inbox notifying you about the OWNERSHIP of more content pages which are created for you by the software.

The content pages are designed according to general SEO rules and will literally be populated all over the net with our traffic and backlink building mechanism behind.


Everyday, the user of Hands Free Commission will find in his inbox a report from the software about new content pages created for him that are just waiting for the search engines spiders to find them and index them according to the keywords and subjects of the pages.

Pages might include, text content as well as videos content.

All pages will be translated to several languages to allow the SEO on all languges – an exposure to more traffic.

How sweet is that?

Traffic will be driven automatically from backlinks and an internal network. Content will be spinned automatically as well.

List Building: HFC integrates with a built-in autoresponder and optin forms. So you can save some money from other autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse. Your leads will be collected from your content pages automatically.

In short, Hands Free Commissions is an amazing web-based application that creates multiples high converting affiliate sites, automatically drives traffic to those sites and makes sales on autopilot.

Users will love this software because:

- It’s web-based – No installation needed. Users just login and implement a few simple steps.

- It has free hosting, free domain.

- It’s easy to use – No experience/previous knowledge required.

- It’s fast and users can get started immediately. No learning curve!

In short, we aim to make history with this revolutionary software. Customers will also be blown away with how much we’re over delivering.

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wordpress bonusWordPress Video or Related HD Version (247$)

  • Webhosting and Domain Registration Videos
  • How to Buy a Domain Name – 6:09 minutes
  • How to Buy a Webhosting – 7:00 minutes
  • How to Change DNS and Redirect Domains – 5:17 minutes
  • Control Panel or cPanel Introduction – 9:29 minutes
  • How to Create Subdomains and Add-ons – 4:14 minutes
  • How to Install WordPress Automatically Using Webhosting Software – 4:08 minutes
  • How to Install WordPress Using Fantastico De Luxe – 4:10 minutes
  • How to Install WordPress Manually – 7:43 minutes
  • WordPress Videos
  • WordPress Dashboard Overview – 9:49 minutes
  • How to Make and Edit Post with WordPress – 7:31 minutes
  • How to Utilize WordPress Tags – 3:08 minutes
  • How to Use WordPress Media – 3:28 minutes
  • How to Use Links – 4:03 minutes
  • What is a page? – 3:22 minutes
  • How to Use the Comment Feature in WordPress – 3:55 minutes
  • What is a Theme? – 5:51 minutes
  • How to Use an Editor to Modify a Theme – 5:31 minutes
  • How to Build a Customized Menu – 2:58 minutes
  • How to Add and Activate Widgets and Plugins – 4:32 minutes
  • What is the User Function? – 3:51 minutes
  • WordPress Tools-How to Use Importing and Exporting – 3:43 minutes
  • The WordPress Setting Function – 8:51 minutes
  • How to Upgrade Your WordPress – 5:23 minutes
  • How to Create Emails from cPanel – 9:04 minutes
  • How to Do a File Transfer from cPanel – 4:12 minutes
  • How to Use Filezilla for File Transfer – 4:39 minutes
  • How to Use Akismet Spam Plugin – 3:39 minutes
  • How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress – 7:44 minutes
  • How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog – 2:36 minutes
  • How to Create a Testimonial – 4:00 minutes
  • How to Add Videos, Photos and Other Files to Your Site – 3:21 minutes
  • How to Backup WordPress Blog – 3:27 minutes
  • How to Create a Static Front Page – 3:31 minutes
  • How to Add a Favicon – 3:53 minutes
  • How to Hide Affiliate Links – 3:41 minutes
  • How to Get a Feedburner Account – 3:15 minutes
  • How to Redirect Your Default RSS Feed to Feedburner – 4:31 minutes
  • How to Install Google Analytics – 4:20 minutes
  • What is Google Analytics? – 3:10 minutes
  • How to Use the All-in-One SEO Pack – 4:22 minutes
  • How to Use the Google XML Site Map Generator – 4:34 minutes
  • How to Embed Video in WordPress – 3:49 minutes
  • How to Add the Facebook Like Button – 3:46 minutes
  • How to Add Breadcrumb Links – 4:16 minutes
  • How to Send WordPress Posts Directly to Your Twitter Account – 6:10 minutes
  • Where to Find Pictures for Your Blog? – 3:42 minutes
  • How to Create a Poll – 5:03 minutes

Membership and Other Videos HD Version (47$)

  • How to Build a Membership Site 1 – 10:17 minutes
  • How to Build a Membership Site 2 – 11:12 minutes
  • How to Create a Forum – 11:47 minutes
  • How to Install a Paypal Button – 4:02 minutes

plr90893276Aweber Videos HD Version (147$)

  • How to Sign up for Aweber $1.00 Trial – 3:05 minutes
  • A Quick Introduction to Aweber – 9:58 minutes
  • How to Create a List in Aweber – 7:57 minutes
  • How to Create a Web Form – 5:36 minutes
  • How to Use Verified Opt-Ins – 2:35 minutes
  • How to Insert an Opt-In Form into WordPress Site – 3:49 minutes
  • How to Organize Lists in Aweber – 2:42 minutes
  • How to Automate List – 2:19 minutes
  • How to Create Follow Up Messages – 3:10 minutes
  • How to Send One Message to Multiple Lists – 2:57 minutes
  • How to Use Aweber Broadcasting – 7:13 minutes
  • How to Use Aweber Blog Broadcasting –
  • How to Track Clicks from Messages – 3:54 minutes
  • How to Use Aweber Campaign Sharing – 2:04 minutes
  • How to Use Aweber Reports Analytics – 6:26 minutes